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Must-Try Mocktails at Astopia: A Journey Through Unique Flavors and Experiences

Astopia, a premier Asian fusion restaurant in Dublin, prides itself on offering an exceptional dining experience that goes beyond just food. Our specially crafted mocktail menu is designed to take your taste buds on a journey through a variety of unique flavors and experiences. Here, we introduce some must-try mocktails that you won't want to miss.

  1. As Astopia: A sweet, refreshing mocktail featuring strawberry and rose-flavored gin 0, filled with boba and showcasing a shimmering color change magic. This signature drink perfectly encapsulates the Astopia experience.

  2. The Blooming Moment: This sour and smoky drink combines whisky 0 with passion fruit, lemon juice, tea, and a frozen moment of blooming flower, transporting you back to your best moments in life.

  3. Mahjong: Experience the essence of a noisy Chengdu Mahjong club with this sour and sweet apple gin 0 mocktail, topped with cheesy cream foam and matcha powder, infused with the scent of 4A level Anxi Tieguanyin tea.

  4. Extraterrestrial Allure: This cosmic concoction features orange-flavored rum 0, coconut juice, lemon juice, special herbal tea, and a touch of the milky way, taking you on an interstellar adventure.

  5. Childhood Sweet Love: Reminisce about your bittersweet memories of growing up with this green plum rum 0 mocktail, blended with bitter tea and sparkling sour lemonade.

  6. The Vampire: Satisfy your thirst for something blood-red and delicious with this vegan-friendly mocktail, featuring red wine 0, blood orange, and a surprising mix of spices.

  7. So-Called Butter Beer: Harry Potter fans will delight in this homage to the famous wizarding beverage, made with homemade scotch syrup, cheesy cream foam, and beer 0.

  8. Irishhh Coffee: Experience an innovative twist on the classic Irish coffee, made with whiskey 0, Astopia blend espresso, sugar cane syrup, and cheesy cream foam.

  9. Donno: This Korean-inspired donut coffee features Astopia blend coffee, milk or coconut milk, caramel syrup, and a dusting of cacao powder.

  10. Upside-Down World: Enjoy a Hong Kong-inspired iced americano with a pinch of black tea, made from Astopia blend coffee beans, and a touch of milk or coconut milk.

  11. Cacao Tell: Indulge in this childhood favorite, a rich hot chocolate topped with cheesy cream foam and marshmallow, perfect for both big and small kids.

Visit Astopia to try these unforgettable mocktails, expertly crafted to complement our authentic Asian fusion cuisine. Our creative and innovative menu, combined with a futuristic cyberpunk-inspired design, promises a dining experience like no other.

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