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Discover Astopia's intriguing cyberpunk concept
Value proposition for Dublin-based cyberpunk-themed Asian restaurant

Welcome to ASTOPIA

 Dublin's Asian cuisine mocktail bar fusing the Far East's vibrant flavors with a futuristic cyberpunk style. Our innovative concept offers a refreshing twist on traditional Asian dining experiences. At ASTOPIA, we transport you to a world of dazzling colors, bold flavors, and cutting-edge technology, creating a harmonious blend. Whether you're seeking a night out with friends or a casual dinner date, our diverse menu caters to all. Join us at ASTOPIA and embark on an unforgettable pan-Asian culinary journey.

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Authentic Asian cuisine Dublin: Serving traditional dishes from China, Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Fusion Asian food: Innovative menu items blending traditional flavors with modern twists.

Seasonal specials: Regularly updated menu offerings based on fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Pan-Asian culinary journey: A diverse menu featuring the best of Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean cuisine.

Exotic flavor combinations: Adventurous pairings showcasing the breadth and depth of Asian cuisine.

Skilled mixologists: Expertly crafted mocktails enhancing the Dublin dining experience.

Innovative mocktail pairings: Curated beverage selections to complement our Asian dishes.

Sustainability & Sourcing
  • Locally sourced ingredients: Supporting Irish producers and promoting sustainable practices in Dublin.

  • Fresh, high-quality ingredients: A commitment to sourcing the finest produce for a superior dining experience.

  • Eco-friendly Asian restaurant: Reducing waste, conserving energy, and supporting sustainable initiatives.

Experience & Atmosphere
  • Family-friendly Asian restaurant: Welcoming environment for families with children in Dublin.

  • LGBTQ+ friendly: Inclusive and accepting atmospheres for all guests.

  • Cyberpunk-themed dining: A futuristic and immersive environment that transports you to another world.

  • Interactive dining elements: Tech-enhanced features engaging guests and elevating the Dublin dining experience.

  • Artful presentation: Visually stunning dishes that are as beautiful as they are delicious.

  • Warm and attentive service: A dedicated team ensuring a memorable visit for every guest.

Services & Amenities
  • Vegetarian options: Catering to diverse dietary preferences and needs in our Asian restaurant.

  • Private event hosting Dublin: Space for parties, meetings, and special occasions.

  • Free Wi-Fi: Internet access for guests to stay connected while dining.

  • Online ordering Dublin: Convenient and easy ordering for takeaway or delivery.

  • Customizable catering options: Tailored menus for events and special occasions to suit various tastes and budgets in Dublin.

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